Yorkshire electrical engineering firm welcome pair of apprentices

A The Yorkshire-based high-voltage electrical engineering company has extended its commitment to bridging the industry’s skills gap, by continuing its popular apprenticeship scheme – and is in the process of enrolling this year’s intake.

Smith Brothers will provide vital hands-on experience to a pair of trainee cable splicers, which will be complemented by a two-year City & Guilds University course and three years with Utility and Construction Training (UCT).

Among the candidates is Tristan Fallowfield who previously worked as a certified technician for Volkswagen, as well as in sales and customer service for Audi. Speaking about his decision to change careers, Tristan explained, “Learning a trade can prepare you for life – and that’s more important than ever right now.

“I’m looking forward to learning new skills, while getting back to my roots of being ‘hands on’ at work. I hope I can have a real positive impact on both the team and Smith Brothers as a company.

The second apprentice, Zachary Naylor, joins Trinity Sixth Form Academy – having wished to join an apprenticeship since completing his A-levels earlier this year. “Electrical engineering has always fascinated me,” Zach explained. “I am a very active worker and have been waiting for an opportunity to embark on this career since I left high school.”

“As an employer, it is our responsibility to support the ambitions of those in our industry and region,” explained Richard Smith, co-founder of Smith Brothers. “If you qualify as a carpenter, you have a ready-made, lifelong career – anywhere in the world. It is important that we do our part to close the skills gap when it comes to fostering the brightest and best talent in engineering.

However, the annual apprenticeship scheme is not just reserved for young people at the end of their schooling, continues Richard: “We welcome apprentices of all ages because we believe that everyone deserves the chance to learn a trade. Some of the best engineers left school and went straight into blue-collar jobs, but years later they might be keen to back up that practical experience with a formal qualification.

Under the program, interns will spend one month per year at the training center, 9-10 months on-site with Smith Brothers, and the remaining time will be spent completing City and Guilds academic requirements.

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