Where to find Garaffa Electric Organs

To craft specific healer and attacker gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players will need a monster resource known as Garaffa’s Electric Organs. As one could deduce from the name of the article, the Garaffa electric organs are entrails of Garaffa, a large giraffe-like creature in Aionios with a head that resembles a catfish. Despite the fishy appearance of its face, this beast prefers a habitat away from water. Specifically, players can find this animal grazing in the mountainous grasslands of the Fornis region. Keep reading to know the specific location of this creature to farm Electric Garaffa Organs in. Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Location of Garaffa’s Electric Organs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Location of Garaffa's Electric Organs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Acquire the Electric Organs of Garaffa in Xenoblade Chronicles 3players must hunt the Mailoo Garaffa, which is found in the Ribbi Flats in the southern part of the Fornis region. It is recommended that the player’s units collectively be level 20 or higher since the Garaffa are level 19.


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The Ribbi Flats area is made up of several smaller areas, which can make it difficult to locate Mailoo Garaffa. Fortunately, gamepur revealed two locations in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 where adventurers can encounter these mobs and acquire their Garaffa Power Organs. Specifically, the creatures are located in the northern part of Caitlin Drum, a raised plateau north of Lake Magglia, and Colony 30 Cave Mouth, a landmark next to Colony 30. The garaffa are relatively large, making them easy to see in the field. After finding them, adventurers can kill them to get their organ resources in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Keep in mind that other items can drop from beasts as well, so it may take several hunts for players to get Electric Garaffa Organs.

Garaffa’s Electric Organs can be used to craft Rescue Expertise III and Swelling Blight IX. Lifesaving Expertise III is a gem for healers that slightly increases their healing while reducing an ally’s revive time. Conversely, Swelling Scourge IX is an attacker gem that boosts debuffs applied to enemies. While players might understandably think that Lifesaving Expertise III is for healers and Swelling Scourge IX is for attackers, both can actually be used for support classes. Since tacticians like Taion can apply debuffs to targets, these healers would benefit more from this gem than a DPS-based attacker class.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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