Virtual reality module unveiled to train next generation of electricians

IVRY Technologies, an IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. company, recently launched a new virtual reality (VR) initiative for start-ups that offers a platform to help educate the next generation of students in the electrical field. .

Based on the current skilled labor shortage crisis, it is no secret that the United States is going to run out of electricians in the near future. Statistically, the number of electricians retiring exceeds the rate of new electricians entering the field, with 10,000 electricians retiring each year and only 7,000 entering the field in return. As a result, this produces a knowledge gap in the electrical industry, which creates the need for additional training resources to prepare the next generation of electrical artisans.

The initial product offering is designed to simulate the experience of training as an apprentice electrician under the tutelage of a master electrician. The user is guided through the experience, first learning how to install a single pole switch, then gradually progressing to more complex procedures, such as installing a 3-way switch circuit. IVRY Technologies has selected Groove Jones to develop an interactive training platform using virtual reality to train apprentice electricians in the wiring of homes and commercial premises. The program, named VET (Virtual Electrical Training), can be customized for different training protocols, while respecting safety standards.

Scroll through the slides in this gallery to see how this platform works, sample simulations of what students experience, and sample training content in action.