Turn Two Electric Explains Electrical Checks Plantation, FL Landlords Must Perform Before Signing New Tenant

A local Plantation, Florida electrician serving all of Broward County, Florida explains the electrical tests a homeowner should perform before renting out their property

A local electrician in Plantation, FL Serving all of Broward County, Florida has launched a major awareness campaign for those who rent out their properties. The Turn Two Electric (https://turntwoelectric.com/) campaign has been launched to keep tenants safe.

Turn Two Electric works with homeowners, residential customers and commercial customers to provide professional and affordable electrical repair and installation service. Plantation, FL Home Electricians offer a wide range of services that include, but are not limited to, panel upgrades, aluminum wiring replacement, custom home wiring, HVAC patching and control, pool and hot tub wiring, as well as troubleshooting and repair.

The local Plantation, FL electrician recommends that whenever a property is rented to a new tenant, a professional local electrician performs electrical tests to ensure the property is safe.

The test that should be performed includes electrical fires

Electrical fires can become a deadly, hidden hazard for tenants of rental property. It is important to have all electrical fires on the property tested to ensure they are safe.

Check the work of this outlet

It is important to check that all sockets of the rental property are working. This can be done using a hair dryer or other device. If one of the outlets is not working, it should be looked into.

Turn on every light switch

It is important to walk around the house or apartment and check each light switch. If the bulb does not work, change the bulb. If it still does not work, an electrician will need to be called to check the switch and the wiring.

Review the basement

If the property has a basement, the electrical box should be checked to ensure there are no unsecured wires.

The local Plantation, Florida electrician provides services to secure homes. If a person feels there is a problem with the electrical system, they should contact Turn Two Electric.

Turn Two Electric offers a wide range of services, all of which can be seen here https://turntwoelectric.com/

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