The Ford Maverick is pre-wired for DIY electric mods

If there’s one thing truck enthusiasts love, it’s customizing their vehicles. Often owners are eager to outfit their vehicle with accessories like lights or pumps for things like camping or general chores. Ford is well aware of this and has taken steps with its new Maverick to make installing electrical equipment easier. Enter Ford’s e-DIY system.

The Maverick comes with two 12-volt e-DIY power sources on the back, good for 20 amps each. Each consists of a solid two-pin connector hidden behind a blanking plate on either side of the bed. The connector can be unplugged from this plate and plugged into a pigtail connector provided instead. The owner can solder all the 12 volt accessories they like to this pigtail connector without having to cut any parts from the original truck loom. Additional Ford e-DIY pigtail connectors can be purchased from dealers as needed.

The system has the advantage that the interlocking connector makes much better contact than simply adding cigarette lighter sockets to the bed of the truck. It is more suitable for permanent installations and the wiring of all accessories can be neatly stored inside the body.

Ford’s e-DIY system video shows two typical installation scenarios. First, it shows how easy it is to hook up bed lighting using LED strips, while also showing how a small air compressor can be fitted into the Maverick’s bedside cabinet. using the second e-DIY power supply. Amusingly, for the air compressor installation, the hack simply installs a cigarette lighter socket in the compartment to run the compressor, but even so it still shows the value of having a versatile 12 volt power supply in back.

It’s a surprisingly comprehensive guide, showing how owners can solder accessories to handy pigtail connectors, and even how to properly insulate joints. The guide also reminds homeowners to disconnect the battery before starting work. This could be a great incentive for new owners to learn how to modify their own trucks to suit their needs.

Automakers have made strides in recent years to accommodate owners who like to lavish their vehicles with aftermarket accessories. Both Jeep and Ford have models available with banks of factory-optional auxiliary switches, allowing owners to easily control things like winches, lights, and radios without having to mount additional hardware on the dash. .

Maverick’s e-DIY layouts are just one more step in that direction. Fitting an extra cable to the rear of the bed at production time isn’t a huge expense for Ford, but makes life much easier for owners who want to install their own equipment. It’s a strong point of difference and could sway potential new customers on the fence about choosing the Maverick over another vehicle. Paired with the truck’s two available 110-volt 400-watt outlets, it offers great versatility for plugging gadgets and tools into the Maverick while on the go.

Owners looking to run a few 12-volt accessories in their Maverick’s bed will appreciate the provision of 12-volt power supplies. This saves owners the hassle of running their own lines from in-cab cigarette lighter sockets or other sources, and turns what can be a frustrating job into a much shorter and easier job. We wouldn’t be surprised if the same design trickles down to Ford’s truck lineup in the coming years if it proves popular in the market.

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