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Electrical Outlet Buying Guide

Electrical outlet with three-slot sockets installed on the kitchen island.
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Why buy an electrical outlet?

Suppose you own or manage multiple properties at any given time. In this case, you will have to replace your old faulty electrical outlets. Investing in up-to-date equipment will greatly promote everyone’s safety and well-being. Even if your new apartment or house is furnished with all the accessories, including wall outlets or electrical outlets, it makes sense to have a few extras on hand. They are constantly used to plug in appliances in the kitchen, alarm clocks in the bedroom, television in the living room, cell phones charging on the counter and much more. If a hold dies on you, it’s good to have a backup handy. It makes sense to buy new electrical outlets to protect your home from children, upgrade to a better power capacity, or plug in lights on your patio or porch.

What should you look for in an electrical outlet?

  • Security: It is now impossible to tamper with most electrical outlets because they have protective coatings that prevent you from getting electrocuted. Additionally, many units are incredibly intuitive and provide continuous ground fault protection. Some more advanced sockets are fire resistant and can withstand harsh conditions.
  • Simplified design: Electrical outlets are now easy to replace and install, even if you lack the experience to do the job. Standard installations usually take a few minutes and almost all outlets come with wall plates.
  • Reliability: New electrical outlets are now incredibly resistant to corrosion. You can install them in a wide range of settings. More unique units also last much longer; they can withstand many uses without encountering problems or breakdowns. Some wall plates are made of polycarbonate, a material that provides excellent durability and protection. Look for these features in a new outlet.

When should electrical outlets be replaced?

Signs that it’s time to replace an electrical outlet largely involve overheating. If your outlet feels hot to the touch or you see sparks when you plug in a cord, it’s time. Check your current outlets to see if they are outdated or show signs of age, as either could lead to dangerous events. If they are not grounded, cracked, or unable to hold an outlet, you should replace them for your family’s safety and for appearance.

Our picks for the best electrical outlets

Best overall

Advantages: What rescuers! These ingeniously designed wall outlets feature two 4.8A high-speed USB outlets and two USB ports each, giving you the flexibility to charge your USB 2.0 devices without power strips or adapters. They also feature tamper-proof shutters and overcurrent protection to prevent damage to the device. The folks at EverElectrix even thought of hard-wiring the rear and side outlets for easier installation and yet another safety measure. Wall outlets are rated at 15 amps, 125 VAC and are NEC compliant.

The inconvenients: Some users say EverElectrix wall outlets are too big for their existing electrical boxes. You may want to measure your current outlet to make a more informed purchase.

Bottom: These outlets are one of the best buys if you want to maximize office space. You can add the two power outlets to charge your family’s range of devices, from smartphones to tablets and more. The product comes with wall plates and screws.

Better power capacity

Advantages: If you have a baby on the way and want to childproof the home, the 10-pack of 15 Amp Tamper-Proof Duplex Wall Outlets may be worth considering. They are made of fire and impact resistant material to avoid potential hazards. They look good too, honestly. Clean, white wall outlets feature a shine that won’t fade for a modern design. Each socket has two spring-loaded shutters that close when you remove a socket; no hairpins are allowed.

The inconvenients: Some people have trouble installing these sockets. Some complaints relate to the quality of the screws; others say the cover plates are too small.

Conclusion: Duplex outlets like these are always useful in homes or offices where you want to avoid adding power strips. The safety features are ideal for family homes, protecting curious children from electric shocks and adults.

Optimal safety features

Advantages: These duplex sockets are distinguished by their clever construction. The shallow body provides space for optimal wiring, offering both backstab and sideways options. You can use the detachable plaster ears to hold the top socket live and the bottom socket for switch-operated items like lamps. The thermoplastic body ensures that the socket does not overheat and prevents wear.

The inconvenients: You may find that the tamper-proof construction makes them more difficult to use. Some users say they have to wiggle the plug a bit to get it to fit.

Conclusion: Just because they’re just wall outlets doesn’t mean they have to look dull. The non-fading gloss finish and heat resistant material keep them shining. This pack of 10 ENERLITES is a high quality, safe and affordable purchase for any residential environment.

Best Value Pack

Advantages: If you’re thinking of a finicky outlet that doesn’t hold a plug, this GE UltraPro Duplex Outlet can work as a replacement. You don’t have to invest in a pack of 10, just one take. And you shouldn’t need an electrician because this DIY replacement plug has a grounding clip that makes the process easier and safer. While you’re at it, check all your catches. If any are hot to the touch, cracked, or old and yellowed, it’s time to put them out. This product features a maximum electrical capacity of 125VAC/15A. It supports most household appliances, making it ideal for replacing a bad outlet anywhere in the home.

The inconvenients: As you can see from the product image, the socket does not have a rear wire configuration to clamp the wire under the screw inside.

Conclusion: This replacement socket has UL certification, so it is considered safe and of high quality by experts. That should reassure you a bit. Thanks to its sturdy construction, this outlet will last you longer than the outlet you are replacing.

Best weather resistant

Advantages:As a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet, ANKO’s tamper-resistant and weatherproof outlet adds a second layer of safety against electrocution. When a ground fault is detected, the GFCI immediately shuts off power. A green LED indicator lights up when the socket is working properly and a red LED indicator indicates if the ground fault protection is not working. Every 40 seconds, the outlet performs a self-test, so you’ll see its most up-to-date status. But if you want to perform a manual test, press the TEST button. If the GFCI trips, press RESET and you’re good to go! The ANKO also has a thermoplastic casing with a nice white gloss to look great indoors or outdoors on deck. The output features improved corrosion and UV resistant components.

The inconvenients: The green and red LED lights are not as bright as expected.

Conclusion: People like the multi-purpose outlet because of the GFCI construction. It lets you relax outside in a patio chair with your phone plugged in, knowing that a little humidity won’t ruin your afternoon.

Final Thoughts

One of the safe and visually appealing outlets we reviewed might be just what you need to update those in your home.