Switching off electric ‘vampire appliances’ will save you £147 a year

Switching off your appliances that you normally leave on standby could save nearly £150 a year, British Gas has claimed. Known as “vampire devices”, they drain a significant amount of electricity even when you’re not using them.

Failing to switch appliances off costs households £2.2 billion a year, or two months’ worth of electricity per household, according to British Gas. Any device left plugged into the wall but not turned off will use electricity, including smart speakers, laptops and internet routers, all charges to stay plugged in.

A TV costs £24.61 a year, while a Sky or Virgin Media box will cost an additional £23.10, reports the BBC. A microwave left on standby will cost £16.37 a year. A shower will cost £9.80, a washing machine £4.73, a printer £3.81 and a phone charger £1.26.

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British Gas energy expert Marc Robson said: “There are smart plugs you can buy that will allow you to check everything is off from your phone. At night or when not in use , try switching off appliances on the mains rather than switching to standby. , because even the standby lighting of a TV consumes energy.

“Try not to unnecessarily overload your mobile phone and laptop. As soon as your device is charged, try to make a habit of unplugging it.

“Not only will this save energy, but it will also extend battery life. A smart meter’s home display can help identify how much energy is being used at different times of the day. day, so you can see where the energy is wasted.”

Discount Code’s Natalia Lachin said around 98% of UK households leave their televisions on standby at all times. She said: “Many mistakenly assume that turning it off via the remote turns it off completely – but that’s not always the case.

“Games consoles tend to be left on and plugged in as much as televisions and are often overlooked. Just making sure they are completely switched off can save £4.20 a day because when a games console typical is left on standby, it uses a hefty 15kWh per hour.”