Surplus Record Machinery adds alerts for new listings of machinery, tools and electrical equipment

Longtime Machine Market adds customizable alerts that notify dealers whenever a product of interest to them is added to the directory

Press release

October 6, 2022

CHICAGO, Oct. 6, 2022 ( –
For nearly 100 years, Surplus Record has been the market leader in used, new and surplus industrial machinery and equipment. Its printed catalog has become a must-have for buyers looking to access all the machines available for sale at all dealerships, sorted by category.

When First launched in 1995, it displayed all of the book’s listings on the website, as well as a message board for dealers to find and sell hard-to-find machines. Now the company has gone a step further by offering a feature that allows resellers to be alerted whenever a product they are interested in is added to the directory.

The company’s current database includes over 111,000 machinery and electrical equipment listings and, as part of the site’s brand new functionality, dealers can rest assured they will be notified when new products are released. added, saving them the time and hassle of performing multiple searches manually. .

By customizing the types of alerts they wish to receive, dealers are able to know what is available as soon as it is added to the site directory. Users can simply visit the site to sign up for alerts in the upper right corner of the screen, selecting any category or section, to receive information on the availability of products such as hydraulic presses and motors AC motors, or more specific searches such as H-frame presses or squirrel-cage AC motors. Dealers can also select a manufacturer or model or even a keyword in the ad title to receive alerts.

The company anticipates that the new feature will allow dealers to stay ahead of their competition, by finding the best machine deals first or simply keeping up to date with machines and equipment being added to the Surplus Record directory.

“We’ve been connecting dealers and manufacturers for nearly a century,” said Jon Stephenson, senior vice president of sales. “Let us help you grow your business today.”

For more information on registering surpluses, visit or call 312-372-9077.

Source: Register of Surpluses