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Surfside Services: Electricity

The following information has been provided by Surfside:

Any electrical problem your home or business may be having, we can help. Wiring, sockets, new or faulty circuit breakers, everything. We are an experienced electrical service company that can meet all of your electrical needs.

But we also offer whole house generators and are big on whole house surge protectors. Everyone understands the importance of generators: hurricanes are terrible and whole house generators keep you going. Whole house surge protectors aren’t thought of as often until you run into a problem, but they’re very important. Our region has been ranked in the top five for lightning strikes and is currently ranked number seven, making whole house surge protectors a no-brainer to protect your home and wallet from costly repairs.

Generators can be as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be, and we do everything we can to keep them affordable. First, we offer excellent financing options. Second, our electricians will go over everything in your home to make sure we get the right size generator for what you need, saving you from overpaying for more than you need. really need.

If a whole house generator is more expensive than someone needs, portable generators with a transfer switch to your house may be a more affordable option. And that really aligns with our goal, which is to discuss the options with you, provide you with choices, and a free estimate of what’s best for you.

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