Stop unauthorized access to high voltage electrical connections with the Powertite locking collar

Disconnecting a live cable is extremely dangerous as it can expose an employee to arcing or electric shock. This is why only qualified and authorized electricians can access these types of plug and connector connections. Electrocution accidents result in the death of about 350 employees per year and 4,000 serious injuries, according to OSHA statistics.

Faced with this hazard, which has a huge impact on the construction industry, Emerson has introduced its new Appleton Powertite locking collar.

This simple device attaches to Appleton Powertite 60 Amp and 100 Amp connections and can be used with similar models from Crouse-Hinds. Once attached, it is secured with a padlock to prevent unauthorized persons from disconnecting the cable. Although it comes with a supplied keyed padlock, it also works with standard locking padlocks such as American Lock by MasterLock.

How safe are your employees? Take the example of a welder working in a small, compact and cluttered workshop. The welder may want to move a heavy 100 amp cable that is jamming it. And although he knows the security code, he may not wait for an electrician to arrive and will take care of unplugging and moving the cable.

At 100 amps, the cable carries enough electrical current to cause heart fibrillation leading to death if touched. Installing a Powertite locking collar reduces a company’s exposure to risk and liability in the event of injury or death, while increasing overall site safety.