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You need to speak to an electrician, I assume by these questions you are considering a DIY solution.

If you do DIY, you won’t get it signed. Spain has nothing to do with the UK.
You need an electrical check and their approval, usually the spark doing it will know the inspector and he knows the sparks are working, after all the inspector is in defamation if anything were to happen.

Our local electrician has many horror stories about going to British owned houses and seeing what may be good in the UK not being to code here he is pretty well off thanks to these jobs.

Anyway, the circuits are not as you describe. And an RCD is a kind of circuit breaker because they can switch both live and neutral when they “see” a ground fault and seeing that you can tap either way and effectively cross the live and neutral , this is a good thing.
I walked around the apartment with a socket tester and marked where the live is and did the same on each socket as well.
I have old stereo equipment from the 1950s and they don’t have a ground so having an RCD is fine.

We don’t have individual circuit breakers (fuses) as they wouldn’t break fast enough and from memory I can’t legally fit old circuit breakers in the UK anyway, they all need to be aware.

Not every circuit breaker (RCD, RCBO, etc.) will control a circuit of Oh let’s say lights in your house.

Each breaker might have a light, a few outlets, maybe an air conditioning unit, etc.

We have a low amp circuit that has a TV outlet (complete with Ariel and usb) that also has the lights in the dining room and my bathroom. Plugging the vacuum into this circuit triggers its RCD. (Like it should be)

You are committing to maximum potential here (we have 5.2 KW), which means that if you exceed this amount, the small electronic monitor installed by the electricity supplier will trigger everything. It then automatically resets about 10 seconds later as long as you’ve turned something off.
A few days ago over Christmas we had the AC, oven and 3 fires on, I foolishly turned on the water heater and the apartment went dark. I heard a click then another and the power remained off, I turned off the water heater and the power came back.

I have done domestic and industrial cabling in the UK and qualified for 16th edition at the time and won’t even look at ours here…