Property: Electrical advice that could add £35,000 to your home – expert advice

“The electricity generated by the panels captures the sun’s energy and converts it into electricity that can be used at home.

“The energy is renewable, and as long as you meet the criteria for solar panels (in terms of location and space), you can save on your energy bills and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.”

Invest in smart home technology

This technology can add up to £16,000 to a home and costs from £5,000 to install.

From thermostats to televisions, curtains to kettles, smart home technology is taking over the interiors market and more than half (54%) of Britons now own at least one of these devices.

With that in mind, installing appliances that can be controlled remotely could be a smart move for those looking to sell.

Bruna said: “Investing in a smart home is not only attractive because of its ‘cool factor’, but because it also offers an element of ease that appeals to all types of people, from those who show interest in technology to those who need it support in running a household.

“Additionally, smart homes are an attractive feature to have in your home as they create an energy-efficient environment, which lowers your bills by controlling your energy consumption.”