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DEERFIELD BEACH, Florida., March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — CES 2022 brought together hundreds of vendors and attendees showcasing a variety of technology services and products, including e-bikes and accessories. Electric vehicles are changing the way consumers travel. These game-changing technologies feature advancements including collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, lane guidance, and more.

These vehicles make the roads safer and reduce our impact on the environment. Electric vehicles were a very popular topic at this year’s CES 2022. The event showcased many companies that are changing the world of mobility through advances in electric vehicle technology.

CES 2022 took place at Vegas Congress Center from January 5 until May 8, 2022. CES is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association and is the world’s most influential tech event. Over 2,300 exhibitors showcased their brand’s latest technologies to over 45,000 in-person attendees in addition to digital attendees.

CES now offers a digital venue for in-person and digital attendees to re-watch sessions on-demand and export their leads and contacts.

Featured transportation technology exhibitors included:

  • Stellantide
  • Hyundai Mobi
  • mobileye
  • Fighter Engineering
  • Bridgestone

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