Pokémon teams up with Mini for its electric vehicle concept

Pokémon has teamed up with a surprise company: mini.

The automaker is producing a new Pokémon-themed model of its electric Aceman Mini Concept Car. The automaker showed off this special variant during Gamescom Opening Night Live on Tuesday.

The sedan offers a futuristic neon look with an LED gaming concept. The trailer shows off the electric vehicle with Pikachu on an OLED screen and visual effects that stretch along the dashboard. You can also turn on the built-in mobile cinema, which uses a built-in outdoor projector, and you can watch your favorite Pokémon movie.

Here is Mini’s official description of the Pokémon car:

Gaming has always been in our blood at Mini, and we want to embrace gaming and the people who make it what it is.

We cherish the endless joy of playing, so stay tuned for updates, because we’re ready to PLAY ON.

Mini x Pokemon is the first step, but you don’t even have to wait a second. To help those who can’t make it to gamescom enjoy the features of the Mini Concept Aceman, we’ve created the MINIverse, an interactive 3D world where you don’t just drive the Mini Concept Aceman, you are the Mini Concept Aceman. Forget passively looking at photos or videos and discover the car in this new interactive world. – Reads the company’s website.

You’re also supposed to be able to connect your game console to the car, but Mini doesn’t give any details on that. Maybe you can play Pokemon purple and scarlet in your car.

To be clear, Mini didn’t create a new car for Pokémon, but rather styled its Mini Concept Aceman.

Source: mini