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CHARLOTTE – Your electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system. All electricity flows into your home from this location and is your first line of defense against electrical hazards. Your panel breakers could use a little practice. We recommend doing this once or twice a year before moving your clocks forward or back for DST, as devices will need to be reset. Head to your panel.

You will find two rows of circuit breakers in the middle of your panel. Ordinary circuit breakers will have a side rocker switch. All your circuits must be in the “on” position, that is to say towards the center. One at a time, you’ll move each of these toggles to the “off” position toward the outside of the panel. Then simply push all the toggles back to the “on” position. Easy. Some homes will have another type of breaker with a colored button on it, mostly ARC fault breakers. For these breakers, you push the button to trip the breaker which will bring the toggle to center (if it doesn’t trip, call an electrician). With some pressure, push the toggle to “off” – outside the panel, then back to “on” – in the center of the panel. After this “training” you can now reset the times on devices anywhere in the house.

See more information on ARC fault breakers and labeling your panel in future articles.

If you have any electrical questions or concerns, call GB Electrical Services at (980) 500-2378 or visit www.GetTheBestElectric.com.

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Greg Barthelemy

Greg lives in Mint Hill with his wife and three children. He has worked as an electrician for over 25 years. Greg’s business, GB Electrical Services, specializes in home security service and repair. GB Electrical Services has grown since 2008 and now proudly employs 9 with 5 trucks serving our community.