Nature-inspired electric switches by Focus SB

Dezeen Showroom: British brand Focus SB have created the Nature Inspired range of switches and sockets with a distinctive liquid metal finish.

SB focus Describe the Inspired by nature line as “a first in the world of electrical accessories” because the brand uses materials considered difficult or even impossible to apply to electrical equipment.

Nature-inspired switches have a liquid metal finish

The range includes switches, socket outlets and control system keypad faceplates, which are available in liquid metal finishes such as gold brass, aged bronze, nickel silver and black bronze.

Finishes are applied by hand and mimic the natural textures and patterns of tree bark, antique metal or cork.

Nature-inspired electric switches by Focus SB
Finishes include aged bronze with a tree bark effect

Focus SB created the range in conjunction with experts in liquid metal finishing Tailored anka in response to the growing demand from interior designers for a unique aesthetic in electrical accessories.

“Interest from the UK and Far East markets has been exceptional and Focus SB is now looking to expand its Nature Inspired collection to include other unique finishes and processes to continue to challenge the norm and break the mold. “, said the managing director of Focus SB. Gary Stevens.

Product: Inspired by nature
Brand: SB focus
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