JLanka Technologies enters the electronic and electrical repair sector

A pioneering provider of solar energy and solar solutions, JLanka Technologies is today a familiar and trusted name for providing the latest developments in solar energy and solar energy technologies. In an effort to further strengthen and expand its customer services, JLanka has recently ventured into the repair of electronic and electrical appliances as well. The company has the technological expertise and a highly skilled workforce to perform any type of repair on household appliances and electronics.

“For many years, JLanka Technologies has been considered the go-to name for solar energy and solar solutions. Our services have also included on- and off-grid installations, as well as repair and maintenance afterwards. Our superior commitment to after-sales service has allowed us to build a loyal customer base. Venturing into the repair of electrical and electronic household appliances will allow us to offer our customers extensive support,” said Marketing Director, JLanka Technologies, Sajith Batagoda.

A state-of-the-art workshop and dedicated electronic repair lab ensure that repairs performed are accurate and technologically advanced.

“We strongly believe that our customers will benefit from being able to have a one stop shop for their repair needs. Our first goal would be to expand repair services to our existing customers and then also venture to reach new customers,” said Gihan Lakmal, Electronic Engineer, JLanka Technologies, MA.