How to Avoid All Types of Electrical Hazards in Hardspace: Shipbreaker

As you increase your rank in Hardspace: Shipbreaker, you will face an increasing variety of dangers during your shifts. From danger level three and above, you will encounter electrical hazards. Certain parts of the ship will contain an electrical charge, which can cause sparks and jump to nearby objects when removed.

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Sparking electrical equipment can damage recovered items and your suit, so it’s best to avoid them. Let’s take a look at each form of electrical hazard, and how to avoid and manage them.

How to deal with electrical hazards

The simplest form you can encounter an electrical hazard is through computer terminals, lights and other powered objects. These salvage items will be always have a charge in them, whether you removed the power cell or generator. When detaching a computer terminal from the ship, electricity will come out slightlyand in some cases may damage nearby objects.


To avoid this, stay a safe distance from the terminal when detaching it. Computer terminals and similar objects will only discharge electricity when detached, and are safe once removed from the ship. Computer terminals contain a fair amount of electricity, while smaller items like lights or door consoles only have a small amount, making them much less dangerous.

For higher power objects like power cells and power generators, you’ll have to be a bit more careful. Power cells can be removed in the same way as computer terminals, but they retain their charge even after being detached. For this reason, you will want handle them with care when removing them and storing them in the bargeas bumping them against other objects can cause the power cell to spark, damaging nearby components with electricity.

To safely remove a generator, you must first remove the three fuses found around the ship. Once you have done this, the generator can be safely detached. Like power cells, you’ll want be careful when removing it from the shipas bumping it against other objects can damage both components.

If electrical hazards cause you problems, you can improve your work suit to increase your resistance to electric shocks, up to 75 percent. While this won’t protect the recovery components from electrical damage, it will keep you a little safer in the event of an accidental discharge.

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