EXproof BV specializes in supplying “difficult and dangerous” electrical products to industry

March 08, 2022

Supported by a variety of leading international brands, EXproof BV is able to offer a solution to the demanding needs of any customer. Our customers are mainly active in difficult and dangerous areas. Many of these customers produce equipment for use in harsh and hazardous (or potentially hazardous) or processing/processing environments and improve the safety of people when working with hazardous materials such as gases, vapours, liquids or dust.

EXproof BV is a young and fresh company with extensive product and market knowledge and experience, to help you select the best/right products for a safe installation and environment. Our product range includes (but is not limited to) cable glands, cable gland accessories, thread conversions, lighting, connectors, junction boxes, and signaling and communication systems.
Many products are stocked locally in our warehouse in Barendrecht, The Netherlands, for easy access and quick response, specifically to industrial plants in and around Rotterdam, as well as nationally.
In addition to the products, EXproof BV offers certified cable gland training tailored to your specific needs. This training is provided under an accredited Hawke International license and is ideal for ensuring qualified and competent personnel within the framework of IEC and ATEX standards.

The cable gland training is not only intended for electricians, but is also very useful for design engineers, consultants, inspectors and work planners, because the correct choice of cable glands and the knowledge of installation and best practices are essential for safe, cost-effective and seamless installation and commissioning. and maintenance.
Our brands include:
– Hawke International (Cable glands, accessories, thread conversions, connectors and junction boxes)
– Chalmit (lighting and spare parts)
– Killark (junction boxes, lighting and fittings)
– GAI-Tronics (PA/GA and communication systems)
In addition to these brands, EXproof BV is your unique partner who can help you with any other need and sourcing of technical products. From our extensive international network and portfolio, we have many sources to find what you need, when you need it.

Please contact us with any inquiries or questions. EXproof BV can be reached via:
Telephone: +31-(0)180-895160 / E-mail: [email protected] more information about our company and our products can be found here: www.exproof.nl

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