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A patented charcoal-fueled alternative to conventional LPG stoves, EZ Stove, recently unveiled two new products: Janalipa and EZ Industrial Stove.

EZ Stove is a revolutionary social enterprise that empowers communities while providing an environmentally and economically sustainable alternative to LPG, especially in the current currency crisis. To date, the original design – EZ Stove – has sold over 100,000 units, proving the mainstream craze for such alternatives.

Janalipa is an economical version of the EZ Turbo charcoal stove. The body is fireclay and the burn grate is high quality cast iron to withstand the high temperature of burning coconut shell charcoal. The turbo fan facilitates low soot and low smoke cooking. For more information or to place an order, visit www.janalipa.lk.

The EZ Industrial Stove has been designed for all types of commercial kitchens in hotels, canteens, etc. The stove can be fueled with charcoal, coconut shells or wood chips and accommodate containers up to 3 feet in diameter. The stove is equipped with a turbo fan for fast cooking.

EZ Stove has won several accolades, including the National Science and Technology Award from the President of Sri Lanka, the All Island Innovation Award from the University of Moratuwa, numerous grants and awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF ) and recognition of the Institute. of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) at the Technological Awards.

Commenting on the reception of EZ Stove and its line of new products, inventor and owner Riyad Ismail noted, “The EZ Stove is a cost effective and sustainable alternative to conventional cooking means. Demand for our stoves soared during the last LPG price hike and most customers have not looked back since. »

He went on to add that the EZ Stove was a win-win solution for the customer as well as many local cottage industries including pottery, cast iron and charcoal. The EZ Stove is a solution for currency output as well as tree felling for wood-burning fireplaces.

The state-of-the-art design also prevents emissions, which in turn reduces the risk of lung and respiratory disease among users of open fire stoves commonly used in local households.

EZ pans can be used in a variety of ways including cooking, frying, boiling, grilling and barbecuing; the stove is ideal for all types of western and eastern cuisine as the heat level can be managed and modulated like a gas stove.

The official website www.ezstove.lk is a one stop shop for EZ Stoves and related accessories such as high quality coconut shell charcoal, cast iron grates, starters to ignite the charcoal, BBS skewers, gloves, carrying bags and wireless thermometers.