Electrical accidents can happen anywhere in Venice

The use of electricity in Venice and the rest of Florida is so common that most people don’t even think about it until a catastrophic event occurs, such as the recent Hurricane Ian which destroyed the electrical network. For all its usefulness, however, electricity can also present serious risks to those who disrespect its potency or volatility. Because electricity is everywhere, it can cause accidents just about anywhere, and these are some of the risks people should be aware of regarding electrical injuries.


One of the most common types of electrical injury is electric shock. This occurs when an energized source of electrical energy is either touched or exposed enough that the proximity of a person is close enough for an electrical shock to “jump” the distance.

Electric shock, in particular, can be worrying because the human body transmits information through its own low-level electrical current, which means the electricity can affect the nervous system. Some consequences of electric shock include

• Pain
• Tingling
• Numbness
• Weakness
• Partial or total paralysis of the affected limb
• Unconsciousness
• Heart attack


In addition to possible neural damage, direct contact with an electrical current can cause superficial skin damage such as a burn. However, thermal burns are different because it is the extreme temperature of the air that causes the damage.

These burns can be superficial, causing red, dry and painful skin. In severe cases however, the victim may not feel much pain in the affected area as the nerves have been damaged or even destroyed by the shock. Symptoms of an electrical burn include:

• Damaged skin
• Disorientation
• Muscle pain and contractions
• Seizures
• Difficulty breathing

The causes

Electrical accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, although in most cases some type of inattention or negligence is the determining factor. Under normal circumstances, with proper care and diligence, electricity passing through a building is safe and safely isolated from exposure to unsuspecting persons. But there are times when the work that should be done isn’t done, that’s when the risk becomes greater. The most common causes of electrical accidents are:

Faulty wiring

Electrical wiring runs through a building; if experienced professionals install it, it usually does not create much trouble. However, poor quality workmanship or very old wiring will normally require professional attention to deal with the risk of injury. If the wiring is faulty, electricity may no longer flow safely through it, degrading the protective coating of the wire itself or sending more electricity through the circuits than is safe.

Defective sockets or switches

The final point of contact where electricity is supplied is an electrical outlet or switch controlling the flow of electricity to a device. If outlets or switches are in poor condition due to lack of maintenance or have been improperly installed, for starters, faults such as a misplaced screw could transmit live current directly to someone interacting with that outlet. or this switch, providing a full billing to the contact.

Defective products

In some cases, the product itself is poorly constructed and does not relay electricity safely as required by law. Improper installation of wiring, poor quality circuit boards, and other instances of poor build quality can lead to an accident where electrical current is supplied directly to the user of the product.

Make the negligent pay

If you have had an electrical accident in Venice because someone neglected their responsibility to create a safe environment, you are legally entitled to compensation. A person who has had a preventable accident that a more responsible person or organization should have contacted has the right to take legal action. If this is you, talk to an electrical accident attorney about taking legal action.

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