Effective ways to naturally cool your room without using electrical appliances

The widespread use of heavy air conditioners ultimately leads to a warmer environment, throwing us into a vicious circle. The best effective way to keep yourself cool and the environment safe is to switch to natural methods. Here are some helpful tips that can help keep your home cool.

Using dark colored curtains can help refresh the room

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During summers, the sun’s access to rooms can turn it into an impromptu greenhouse, as about 76% of the direct sunlight that enters your home through windows turns into heat. So using dark or blackout curtains will prevent the rays from overheating your room during the hours when the sun is most active. The Department of Energy suggests medium-colored curtains with a white plastic backing to reduce indoor heat.

Use cold water to cool the house

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Keep a bucket full of cold water and soak the hems of the curtains in that bucket of cold water and leave the fan on. Water will slowly seep up through the fabric and the breeze will carry the coolness into the room. Using this super-efficient method for room cooling is a go-to option.

Use of earthen pots for fresh water

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This is the most natural process for obtaining cooler water, water kept in an earthen pot seeps through the small pores of the pot and evaporates from the surface and the heat needed for evaporation is taken from the water inside the pot, thus cooling the water stored inside and using many pots will help you to take fresh water to cool the house and the body as well.

sleep on the floor

Credit: The Sleeping Judge
Credit: The Sleeping Judge

Due to the principle of hot air rising, heat rises from the bottom up, so if possible wipe the floor with cold water and remove everything from there and sleep on the floor as the air is cooler there instead of using a bed to sleep. On warmer days, you can also sleep on the floor if your floor is tiled. Tiles are generally cool and will make sleeping more comfortable. Hard surfaces also help heal back pain.

Place green leafy plants near the window

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Large green leafy plants near the window absorb some of the heat when sunlight enters the room and help create a cooling effect around the room. Promoting greenery indoors and outdoors can also reduce global warming.

Convert all incandescent, fluorescent and other light bulbs to LED

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Try not to use light bulbs or tube lights during the day and at night as much as possible. Turn off the lights at night when the room isn’t even in use. Also, if you’re using light bulbs, use LEDs because they don’t give off heat like other electronic equipment, including light bulbs. Other lights contribute to high ambient temperature and high electricity bills.

Opening windows at night

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The natural cold air at night is a blessing, so open your windows at night and let the cold night breeze in and make your room cooler. You can also create a cross breeze that will fill your room with cool air while again wiping your room with ice cold water for a more natural freezing effect.