Dying Light 2: Where to find Electric Parts

“Any number and type of electrical components.”

Electrical parts are one rare artisanal part in Dying Light 2 which are used for explosives like C4 remote control and Mines, as well as weapon mods like Spark.

Electrical parts can be found in Abandoned stores and Evacuation convoys.

This is what the Forsaken Stores look like, which you should only explore at night.

Abandoned store

Look in and around the cash registers inside these stores.

And here are the evacuation convoys, where you should expect a fight.

Evacuation convoy
Evacuation convoy

However, electrical parts can actually be found just about anywhere in the city, it’s just that these two places have the most of them.

Electric Coins can also be sold to merchants for old world silver, although you’re better off saving them as money isn’t much of an issue in the game. Some merchants can also sell you Electric Coins for a small amount of money.

Dying Light 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Oneand Xbox series X | S.

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