County Carlow leads the way with new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

Eir, Ireland’s leading telecommunications company, announced this week the installation of seven new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in County Carlow, with further installations planned across the county, as part of its partnership with EasyGo, the owner of Ireland’s largest eMobility service. Network of suppliers.

Following the removal of the universal service obligation for eir to provide payphones in 2020, eir is committed to finding other ways to support public infrastructure nationwide with the aim of helping communities to cope with their development

Eir identified the installation of electric vehicle charging stations as a way to provide support to the community. This announcement marks the first installation of EV chargers resulting from this partnership, in conjunction with Carlow County Council.

Oliver Loomes, CEO of eir, said:

“Electric vehicles are a key part of the government’s climate action plan, which sets a target of nearly one million electric vehicles on the road by 2030.

“For Ireland to switch to electric vehicles, we need to have the infrastructure in place, not just in cities, but across Ireland. We are proud to partner with EasyGo and Carlow County Council to help the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the city and county of Carlow.

“This new infrastructure will benefit the community in the same way public telephone utilities once did. The chargers will not only benefit people living and working in Carlow, but also those who travel there.

“Today we are in discussions with other county councils across the country and hope that others will follow Carlow’s lead.

“Where possible, we will replace unused eir payphone stations with electric vehicle fast charging units, and we will continue to support EasyGo and county councils across Ireland to help make the transition towards owning electric vehicles a viable alternative for people.”

Welcoming the launch of this new electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Carlow, Cllr. Fintan Phelan, Cathaoirleach, Carlow County Council said:

“This joint initiative by eir, Easy Go and Carlow County Council to install new state-of-the-art electric vehicle chargers is a great example of how organizations working together can improve the supply and the deployment of essential electric vehicle charging.
infrastructure in public spaces that will be very useful and convenient for the public switching to electric vehicles while contributing to the achievement of our ambitious climate action goals and targets.

Chris Kelly, CTO of EasyGo, said:

“EasyGo is on a mission to decarbonise transport, and our partnership with eir can go a long way towards achieving this. Together, we plan to replace up to 180 telephone terminals with fast EV chargers at no cost to local authorities.

“In fact, we are pleased to report that we have active engagement with many councils across the country and we will be making announcements about this in the coming weeks. I especially want to commend County Carlow for initiating this program.

“By adding these seven new chargers to Carlow, Tullow, Bagenalstown and Borris, County Carlow has become much more accessible to EV drivers overnight. The provision of electric vehicle infrastructure in urban and rural areas of Ireland is key to achieving the goals of the Climate Action Plan. As Ireland’s largest network of EV charging stations, we are delighted to lead this effort and help EV drivers conveniently charge their cars.

“We welcome all inquiries from any local authority at our Maynooth office, and our door is open to anyone needing an EV charger fitted!”

Transport accounts for a third of Ireland’s energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuels and this initiative will help accelerate the replacement of internal combustion engine vehicles with electric vehicles, the solution the most practical way to reduce carbon emissions from transport.

The seven new EV chargers installed at Carlow are a mix of Dual 50kW DC (Rapid) and Dual 22kW AC (Destination) chargers.

The four Carlow Town Chargers can be found at; Kennedy Street, Green Lane (2) and Green Bank Car Park, while three other electric vehicle charging stations have been installed in Tullow, Bagenalstown and Borris Main Street.

These installations mark the first of the deployment of this program on a national scale. Throughout this program, EasyGo and eir will use Tritium’s first new-generation simultaneous DC fast chargers, adding up to 100 km of range to an electric vehicle and delivering up to 80% of the required charge in just 30 minutes.