Call Eversource if you suspect electrical damage from utilities

Monroe First Selectman Ken Kellogg told residents on Wednesday to call Eversource to file a complaint if they believe a faulty component in a substation has caused electrical damage inside their homes.

Kellogg says several reports of sporadic power outages among residents came in Tuesday.

Kellogg says his office continues to seek further clarification from Eversource regarding the recent power issue.

He says a company liaison told Monroe officials that a substation component was not properly operating an automatic switch designed to automatically switch power from one circuit to another according to needs. There are several switches in a substation.

Some Monroe residents have experienced the on-off power issue when an automatic switch did not work properly.

Eversource says it is investigating the issue and has taken the issue offline in the meantime.

“As I shared yesterday, if you have any electrical equipment damage that you believe is caused by this issue, please call Eversource directly to file a claim, as Eversource must receive the claim directly from its customer” , says Kellogg.