Bucks Named Best County for Electric Vehicle Users

New data has revealed that Bucks is the best place to live for electric vehicle users in the UK.

Analyse of Joju Solar, a sustainable energy provider, found that Bucks had more charging stations than any other county in the UK.

In total, there are 258 charging points in Buckinghamshire, more than 100 points more than the number reported in second-placed West Midlands.

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The discoveries of Joju Solar

Despite the greater access to charging stations, data shows that Buckinghamshire has the fourth highest number of registered electric vehicles.

The West Midlands has the highest number of electric vehicle drivers with 18,988 registered vehicles. Cambridge came a distant second with 11,450, Berkshire is third with 8,470 and Bucks is fourth with 6,719.

The automotive industry saw record electric vehicle sales in the UK last year, up 110% from 2020 and 2021.

The boost comes as the government rolls out plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

Alongside London, the South East region has been identified as an early adopter of electric vehicles and charging stations.

The government has expressed concern that without an increase in public charging facilities and local authority-led schemes, the acceleration of electric vehicle technology will be confined to the south.

Joju Solar’s data was compiled using statistics from local authorities, they also analyzed the areas best able to meet the demands of electric vehicles.

To do this, the energy pioneer displays the number of registered licensees for each public EV charging point.

Sunderland tops the list with one public charging point for 1,460 license holders.

Milton Keynes came second with 1,487 electric car charging stations.

Dr Christian Jardine, founding member of Joju Solar, said: “We have seen a rapid increase in the appetite for electric vehicles and charging accessories.

“This is a hugely positive change towards a more environmentally friendly future. With the impending ban on sales of petrol and diesel vehicles, consumers need to be able to access reliable and convenient charging stations and, Although we are a source of home charging facilities, we urge local authorities to prioritize the installation of as many public charging stations as possible, to meet growing demand.”

Home charging ports are available to buy from £680 and government grants are currently available for those looking to install home charging stations in the UK.