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Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing Industry Overview: Trends and Challenges

The demand for electric vehicle batteries is increasing in the electrical equipment and component manufacturing industry. The fact that many countries around the world are striving to improve the share of renewable energy in their overall energy mix creates a significant market for battery storage and is one of the main factors driving the growth in demand for vehicle batteries. electrical.

Rising manufacturing costs affect many manufacturers of electrical equipment and components. Rising supply chain logistics and labor costs have led to higher manufacturing costs. Commodity prices have seen many fluctuations as they can be affected by things like the pandemic, supply chain issues, and even regulations.

Overview of electrical equipment and component manufacturing companies on BizVibe: main players and specialist manufacturers

Some of the public and private electrical equipment and component manufacturing companies on BizVibe include:

Market leaders:

  • Inventus power
  • Pegatron
  • Gree
  • General Electric
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Specialist manufacturers:

  • Exide Technologies
    • Key products: battery chargers, batteries, power converters
  • Delta-Q Technologies
    • Hot Products: Battery Chargers
  • AMETEK, Inc.
    • Product highlights: electromechanical devices
  • Sungrow Feeding
    • Hot Products: Solar Inverters
  • SMA solar technology
    • Hot Products: Solar Inverters

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Key Segments Covered

BizVibe’s information on the electrical equipment and component manufacturing industry covers the following segments.

Main categories of electrical equipment and components:

  • Storage and Primary Battery Manufacturers
  • Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers
  • Transport Wiring Device Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of carbon and graphite products

Other categories of electrical equipment and components:

  • Surge Suppressor Manufacturers
  • Inverter manufacturers
  • Electric bell manufacturers
  • Battery charger manufacturers

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