Bengaluru: Residents of Bengaluru receive electric shocks worth thousands of dollars as floodwaters recede from their homes

With the flood waters receding in Bengaluru, many residents are returning home to find their dream homes have suffered massive damage. Rain-battered returning residents are slowly coming to terms with the financial consequences of the devastation.

Flooded houses in Bangalore suffered heavy damage in the form of damaged furniture and other household items, however, electrical items and electrical infrastructure were the most affected. Flood waters contain elements such as sewage and salts such as calcium, magnesium and sodium, which render all electrical infrastructure and appliances useless.

To ensure safety from electrocution in the future, residents may have to go the costly route of replacing the entire electrical infrastructure. Additionally, if electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, or garbage disposals were submerged in water, they might also need to be replaced.

According to rough estimates, residents might have to shell out up to Rs 10-15 lakh to replace electrical infrastructure like digital meters, elevator cables, electrical panels, circuits, lighting, cables and connections. distribution boards. Estimates do not include external systems such as diesel generators and solar inverters or UPS. If the cost of replacing inverters, diesel generators or batteries is to be considered, each homeowner might have to spend upwards of Rs 40-50 lakh to replace them all.

Residents may also need to ensure that all water is drained before undertaking any electrical repair work. Otherwise, it will cause electric shock or fire. Meanwhile, if you continue to use the same infrastructure, they may continue to spark or cause slight shocks due to moisture inside.