Andhra Pradesh: Special CS calls for more awareness on electrical accidents

Special Chief Secretary (Energy) K. Vijayanand stressed the need to raise awareness of electrical hazards, saying such incidents cause a significant number of fatalities and property damage every year.

“Never underestimate the dangers of electricity,” he advised consumers at the Sunday launch of the National Electrical Safety Week campaign organized by the Electrical Safety Branch.

Mr. Vijayanand said accidents involving electricity frequently occur due to ignorance or negligence of users, be it in the domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. “Damaged equipment and worn insulation can lead to electric shocks, fires and even explosions. Accidents can happen if the people handling the damaged equipment are not trained,” he said.

Contact with live wires, ineffective grounding, broken conductors, improper grounding of equipment and its accessories, loose plugs, placement of flammable materials near electrical equipment, the presence of water and wet surfaces and installations by untrained workers can cause accidents and can be avoided with a little caution, he says.

Mr. Vijayanand said supervisory officers must ensure the use of safety equipment such as gloves and boots by technicians working in power utilities and industrial establishments. Repair work should only be done after line clearances have been given, he said.

G. Vijaya Lakshmi, Chief Electrical Inspector of the Government, listed the standards to be followed to prevent electrical accidents.

Assistant Secretary (Energy) BAVP Kumar Reddy, AP-Genco Director (hydel) MVV Satyanarayana, Central Discom CMD J. Padma Janardhan Reddy and Directors B. Ramesh Prasad (EPDCL) and Subba Raju (SPDCL) were present at the opportunity.