Activate Downtown Dying Light 2 Electric Station A Place to Call Home

The battle for resources is usually a major theme in post-apocalyptic media. Both the struggle to get them in the first place, as well as the need to decide what to do with them afterwards. One of the earliest examples of both is the main story quest “A Place to Call Home”. There you will have to activate the downtown electric station. And after that choose who to give this facility to – Peacekeepers or Survivors. So to find out how Activate the downtown electric station in Dying Light 2 A Place to Call Home, keep reading our guide. We’ll cover all about it here.

Activate the electrical substation in Dying Light 2 A Place to Call Home Quest

To be able to activate this facility, you must first find a path inside the power plant. Here’s how to light an electrical terminal. Each substation has numbered electrical panels inside. There are three active and three inactive. You need to go to the powered panel and extend the cable from it to the non-powered panel with the same number. Because you’re dragging the power cable behind you, you have to find the most efficient path between the active panel and the inactive panel, so you can actually switch between them with the length of cable you have. . Since it’s easier to explain this with pictures than words, here’s how to activate all three panels.

Who to give the downtown power station to – Survivors or Peacekeepers

Like the choice of assigning the water tower to Peacekeepers or Survivors, this is another decision you will be forced to make. Depending on who you give the downtown power station to, you will receive certain bonuses. PK bonuses gravitate more towards combat, while Survivor bonuses towards better and easier movement around the city. Note that if you want to get the “Bootlicker” achievement, you will need to assign all facilities to a faction. The only other difference here is that if you give it to the Peacekeepers as you promised PK members outside, you’ll also get a PK charm as part of your reward.