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There are some crafts where you can tinker safely and save time and money. Renovating your home can make your home more aesthetically pleasing, safer, greener and more profitable. It can also add a lot of value to your home.

In most situations, DIY can save you money, and you can add your own personal touches to make your home more suited to your tastes and lifestyle. There is also a great sense of personal accomplishment and pride that comes from refinishing your castle on your own merit.

But there is one area of ​​home improvement that you absolutely shouldn’t do. Electrical work is not something that can be taken lightly as the result can be quite shocking (pun intended).

Save yourself the hassle and risk and hire an electrician from a reputable company such as Spectra Electrical.

1. It’s actually illegal.

If you’re considering installing light switches or hard-wiring to save time and money, think again. The monetary penalty is between $40,000 and $200,000 and also potentially 3 years in prison. So if you think a quick touch-up with your home’s electrical components will save you money, think again. You could potentially end up bankrupt or even serve a long prison sentence.

2. Electrocution.

Certainly not fun. Some items can carry up to 240V which could be enough to cause serious injury or death to you or a loved one. It is not always during the conduct of work that this can happen. All it takes is a small wire in the wrong place or in the wrong place to cause serious harm to a person. To keep you and your loved ones safe, it’s just not worth the risk. Make the investment and let the professionals take care of it.

3. Your insurance company will not cover any damages that occur.

If you have a major incident during the installation of the electrical equipment, or if damage occurs afterwards, your insurance company will not only reject your claim, but they will probably prevent you from purchasing insurance from them and may even charge you also. Insurance companies are required to inform the competent authorities if there has been illegal work, there is no way out.

4. Your little ones might copy you.

What the monkey sees, the monkey does. Our precious offspring often try to imitate their parents and copy what they do. If your child sees you snooping around with electricity, he may try to “help” you, putting him at great risk. I remember a girl I grew up with watching her dad put in power outlets. After he was done, she grabbed a fork and went to the power outlet. Fortunately, her mother saw her just before she managed to poke the metal fork into a live electrical outlet. The result could have been catastrophic.

5. It’s actually quite complicated.

There are reasons why it takes 4 years to complete a trade and why it is forbidden to do your own electrical work. Craftsmen have specialized training to carry out the work safely, with the right tools. Basically, all the work in your house is connected and one wrong move could make every electrical outlet in your house unstable or it could actually cause a serious misfire causing a huge amount of damage, which as just mentioned, you will not be covered for .

6. Product knowledge.

Believe it or not, you can’t slap just any wire or switch. Different homes and wiring systems often require a particular product. A reputable Sparky will know exactly what style and brand to install. Using the wrong outlet means that the outlet may not be able to handle enough power, which may cause a fire or energize the product, which means that even touching it may cause serious injury or death.

Here are some examples of product knowledge:

  • Fuses. Using the wrong one may cause a fire.
  • Wiring. Some electrical systems require a very specific wiring standard. The wrong one can short out everything or cause a fire. Speaking of wiring, there are actually 2 different types, earth (ground) or neutral. If you confuse them, you could end up with a death.
  • Exterior power outlets. This is a very special unit. Standard power points simply cannot get wet or it will lead to people being electrocuted or even killed. There should be what is called an earth leakage switch button. Basically this will disconnect the power pint if water gets in, they are also specifically designed for the outdoors.

7. Home Inspections and Code Breaches.

If you’re ever going to sell your home and the potential buyer chooses to have a construction and inspection report done, your DIY electrical work won’t go through. Being a skilled trade, there are codes and legal requirements that must be adhered to.

You might be tempted to research them to make sure you pass them, but it involves more than meets the eye and they are often subject to change to meet additional new legal and safety requirements.

Your accredited Sparky will know them all and must respect them. Electricians must be certified and licensed and they must attribute their name to any work they do.

8. Huge risk of death or permanent disability.

Performing DIY electrical work in your home without full knowledge of what you are doing can result in serious injury or even death. If you accidentally cut the wrong wire while it is still carrying electricity, you risk receiving an electric shock which could result in a potentially fatal fire or spark. Electric shock can cause serious injury or even death if electrical work is not done properly.

Electrical work is extremely dangerous and not worth it. Money may be saved initially, but you won’t know what will happen until it’s too late. Faulty wiring is the cause of hundreds of electrical fires every year